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Padma Bridge Toll Rates (2024)

Crossing Bangladesh's landmark Padma Bridge? This post provides you with the latest Padma Bridge toll rates (2024) for all vehicle types to ensure a smooth and informed journey.

Are you Crossing the Padma River? This post provides you with the latest Padma Bridge toll rates (2024) for motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses and the current toll rates for all vehicles to ensure a smooth and informed journey across Bangladesh’s landmark bridge.

The Padma Bridge, a marvel of engineering, has been a game changer for Bangladesh, connecting the southwestern districts to the capital and other areas. The 6.15-kilometer bridge was inaugurated and opened to traffic by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But how much does it cost to cross this architectural wonder? Let’s take a look at the Padma Bridge tolls.

Padma Bridge Toll Rate

The toll rates may vary depending on the type of vehicle. In this detailed post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Padma Bridge toll rate.

Padma Bridge Toll Rate

Padma Bridge toll rates vary depending on the type of vehicle. Here’s a quick overview of the toll rates:

The Padma Bridge Toll Structure:

  • Motorcycles: Tk100
  • Cars/Jeeps: Tk750
  • Pickups: Tk1,200
  • Microbuses: Tk1,300
  • Minibuses: Tk1,400
  • Medium Buses: Tk2,000
  • Large Buses: Tk2,400
  • Trucks (up to 5 tonnes): Tk1,600
  • Trucks (5-8 tonnes): Tk2,100
  • Trucks (8-11 tonnes): Tk2,800
  • Trucks (3 axles): Tk5,500
  • Trailers (4 axles): Tk6,000
  • Trailers (above 4 axles): Tk6,000 + Tk1,500 per additional axle
Padma Bridge Toll Rates (2024)
Padma Bridge Toll Rates (2024)

These toll rates were officially announced in a gazette published by the Bangladesh Bridges Authority.

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Why pay the Padma Bridge Toll?

The Padma Bridge Toll is a small price to pay for the convenience and time saved. The bridge has significantly reduced travel time and costs by providing a direct link between the southwestern districts and the capital. So next time you plan your journey, factor in the Padma Bridge Toll for a smoother and quicker travel experience.

The Padma Bridge toll is a small investment for significant gains. It offers:

  • Reduced Travel Time: Bypass ferries and travel directly between the southwest and the capital.
  • Cost Savings: Faster travel translates to fuel savings.
  • Convenience: Enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the toll on Padma Bridge?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges fixed the toll rate for a car or an SUV at Tk750; a pickup van at Tk1,200; a microbus at Tk1,300; a minibus (up to 31 seats) at Tk1,400; a medium bus (32 seats or more) at Tk2,000; and a motorcycle at Tk100. In addition, the rate has been set at Tk1,600 for a mini truck (up to five tons); Tk2,100 for a medium truck (5-8 tons); Tk2,800 for a medium truck (8–11 tons); Tk5,500 for a truck (up to three axles); and Tk6,000 for a trailer (up to four axles). An additional Tk1,500 will be charged for each axle for a trailer larger than four axles.

How do I pay my Padma Bridge toll?

The toll will be collected automatically through radio frequency identification (RFID) in one lane at both ends of the bridge. There will be no need for cash transactions, and no vehicles will have to stop at toll plazas.

Remember, every toll paid contributes to the maintenance and longevity of this magnificent structure. Safe travels across the Padma Bridge!

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