Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package 2023

Are you a student looking for a cheap and reliable internet service? You need look no further than the Bornomala Internet Packages offered by Teletalk. These data bundles are specially designed for college and university students who need Internet access for their academic, entertainment, and social networking needs.

How can I buy the Bornomala Internet Package?

Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. provides a selection of Bornomala Data Packs at reasonable rates. The packs come in varying sizes and validity periods to meet your requirements. These are the available data pack details:

teletalk bornomala internet packages
Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package 2023
  • 1GB at Tk. 24 (valid for 7 Days) Code: *111*611#
  • 1GB at Tk. 46 (valid for 30 Days) Code:*111*612#
  • 2GB at Tk. 83 (valid for 30 Days) Code:*111*613#
  • 4GB at Tk. 62 (valid for 7 Days) Code:*111*614#
  • 5GB at Tk. 96 (valid for 15 Days) Code:*111*615#
  • 10GB at Tk. 186 (valid for 30 Days) Code:*111*616#

You can find more information about these data packs on the Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd website.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Packages 2023

Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. offers a range of Bornomala Data Packs for students. These packs are affordable and specially designed for college and university students. Here are the details of the available data packs:

Bornomala Internet Packages

If you’re a student looking for an affordable and reliable Internet service, you may want to consider the Bornomala Data Packs offered by Teletalk.

Teletalk has created these packs specifically for students who need online access for education, entertainment, and social networking. Below is a table summarizing the features and pricing of these data packs:

Data PackPrice (Tk)Validity (Days)Activation Code
Teletalk Bornomala Internet Packages 2023

As you can see, these data packs are very affordable and have different validity periods to suit your needs. You can purchase any of these data packs by dialing the appropriate USSD code from your Teletalk SIM card. The default speed for your Internet device is up to 1 Mbps, according to the information available on the website.

Final Words

In summary, if you are a student in need of an affordable and reliable internet service, the Bornomala internet packages offered by Teletalk are a great option to consider. With different sizes and validity periods, you are sure to find a data package that suits your needs.

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