W-Coin Mining | What Is W-Coin? Telegram Tap-to-Earn Game

W-Coin Mining: What to know about the clicker game? What is W-Coin? Learn about the Telegram tap-to-earn game and airdrop details. W-Coin is a new tap-to-earn Telegram game with unique boosts and stakes benefits. The W-Coin token will be launched on Trustwallet on the TON blockchain.

W-Coin is one of the latest Telegram-based games to enter the tap-to-earn arena. It stands out from its competitors with a few variations on the standard tap-to-earn model that anyone paying attention to the Telegram gaming ecosystem has become very familiar with lately.

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W-coin Mining

W-Coin is a new clicker game that still claims to offer what we’ve seen on Notcoin and many other clicker games on Telegram. It’s not mining, but since people refer to most online free crypto-earning apps as mining, I’ve decided to add W-Coin to the same category. We will get to know all the information about the game.


According to the W-Coin community channel on Telegram, the game has already amassed 13 million users in about 2 months of being live. It still has a ways to go to catch up with the recent tap-to-earn sensation TapSwap or the original Telegram sensation Notcoin, but it still has room to grow before an expected airdrop to players. Here’s what you need to know.

What is W-Coin?

W-Coin uses the same basic mechanics as other tap-to-earn games, as you tap the screen to make your in-game coin stash grow, there are various power-ups and persistent upgrades you can unlock to boost your earnings.

However, the game does bring some added twists. With W-Coin, the players get to collectively decide which blockchain the eventual token will be launched on: EthereumSolana, or The Open Network (TON). The last of those is the same chain that Notcoin used, as will other Telegram games like Hamster Kombat, Yescoin, and TapSwap.

w coin1
Screenshots from W-Coin.

W-Coin also differentiates itself from the competition with the addition of staking. Players can stake their earned W-Coin to earn additional rewards. To stake tokens, players specify how long they want to lock up their tokens: three, seven, or 14 days, with varying yield rewards ranging from 2% to 20% depending on the chosen period.

Your rewards are automatically added to your coin balance at the end of the staking period. You can stake only a portion of your in-game coins or all of them, but be sure to leave enough to pay for boosters!

How to play the W-Coin Mining game?

Similar to Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, and TapSwap, you start the game within the Telegram app on iOS or Android by starting a conversation with the W-Coin bot. Once the game is up and running, players are greeted with the oh-so-familiar coin in the center of the screen, ready to be tapped.

You have a finite energy bar that decreases as you tap the coin, and each tap of the coin earns you 1 W coin at a time at least until you get some upgrades.

W-Coin Daily Boosters

There are two types of free daily boosters that players can use to maximize their daily earnings: Full Battery and Lucky Dice.

Full-Battery recharges your energy bar so you can keep tapping even after you’ve used all your juice, while Lucky Dice rolls a die that produces a number between 1 and 20. Whatever number you roll is a multiplier that is applied to your winnings for 10 seconds, and your energy bar doesn’t run out during that time. You get three free daily uses of each boost, so don’t let them go to waste.

Players can also purchase upgrades, which differ from boosters in that they are permanently applied to your game, rather than being temporary perks. The upgrades available in W-Coin are Tap, Maximizer, Charger, W-Worker, and Multiplier.

w coin2
Screenshots from W-Coin.

The first four upgrades are similar to those found in other tap-to-earn games. Tap increases the amount of coins you earn per tap, Maximizer increases your total energy limit, Charger increases the speed at which your energy bar recharges, and Worker is an auto-tapping bot that continues to earn coins when you’re not in the app.

The final upgrade, Multiplier, is a new addition to the Tap-to-Earn meta. Using the Multiplier upgrade gives you the chance to randomly hit a multiplier of up to 100x points per tap, though it’s an expensive upgrade to invest in.

How to Get Started with W-Coin?

To get started, you need to have a Telegram account, if you do, simply copy this URL: and paste it into any browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox. You will instantly be taken to Telegram and the bot to start the conversation.

Join W-coin:

Now, You will then be presented with an option to start the game, join the community, etc. Simply tap to start playing and you will be shown a bold W coin, which you will need to tap repeatedly to accumulate more coins. The more you tap on it, the more your coin balance will increase.

Explaining the W-Coin Interface

On the W-Coin game page you will see four options and here is a breakdown of what each one stands for or does;


Mates – this is a tab where you can see all your invited friends, i.e. the people you have referred, as well as an option to generate the referral link. Just tap on it if you want to spread the good news about the game. The referral incentive is another way to increase your coins.

W-Coin referral program


Tasks – on the tasks page you will find things to do to increase your coin balance. Some of the tasks include joining your community, a daily check-in bonus, a bonus for a certain number of taps, etc. In short, you get to earn coins faster.

W-Coin tasks


Staking – you can stake a certain amount of your W-Coin balance to earn more. I would advise everyone to always do this. The rewards are huge and well worth the effort. I have used it to significantly increase my coin balance.

W-Coin staking
W-Coin Staking


Boosts – as the name suggests, you will be able to boost your total coins by using the features. Some of the options include; W-Worker (auto tap bot), Charger (to increase the rate at which your bot’s energy replenishes), and much more. The Boosts page should always be visited as there are some free boosts that you can enjoy daily such as the Lucky Dice and Full Battery which has to do with instantly recharging your energy three times for free.

Daily Boost

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How to select blockchain on W-Coin?

There is an option to select your preferred blockchain directly from the game. It is also important to note that this can only be set once. So if you choose TON or Ethereum now, you won’t be able to choose Solana or change your choice later.

How to select blockchain on W-Coin?
How to select blockchain on W-Coin?

We advise you to select TON as your blockchain.

QnA Crypto Desk

How to connect Trust Wallet to W-Coin?

W-coin recently announced a partnership with Trustwallet, so all players are required to connect their Trustwallet TON wallet address to the game.

How to get ton address on Trustwallet

To connect your wallet to the w-coin, download the Trustwallet app and create a wallet. Then type TON in the search box, click on it, and tap Receive, your ton address will appear on the screen.

Copy it and go to the W-Coin game, while in the game, click on the wallet icon in the top right corner, then paste the address you copied from the Trust wallet and press the Connect button.

How to connect Trustwallet to w-coin game

This is necessary for the upcoming airdrop! So try to get your wallet connected as soon as possible.


While W-Coin has a nice appearance and little to no flaws, I still think there are a few drawbacks or disadvantages that are worthy of mention.

  • Slow earning: Without upgrading very seriously, you may not be able to earn enough coins fast. Earning is slow compared to other clicker games. In addition, the amount of coins needed to buy the W worker (auto-tap bot) is very high.
  • Poor referral earnings: On other clicker games, what you earn from referrals tends to be more significant than what’s obtainable on w-coins. As a referrer, you earn 2,500 coins initially, i.e. when the referral starts playing, and then you earn 1% of what he or she earns later.


W-Coin is still worth a try if you are used to telegram clicker games. The reason is that the ones people tend to neglect end up performing well and no one wants to miss out, especially with the giant strides of Notcoin.

When it comes to whether W-Coin is legit or not, there is no conclusive answer for now, all we can do is keep playing and see how things develop in the future. Good projects always show positive signs.


What is W-Coin?

W-Coin is a game that operates on the Telegram platform, where players earn in-game currency by repeatedly tapping a button.

Is W-coin legit or fake?

W-coin is not different from other clicker games we are playing currently. In essence, there is no evidence to prove that the project is a scam and in the same vein, there is no way to conclusively say it’s legit.

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