Top 5 Telegram Airdrops That Will End Soon (2024)

Let’s talk about the top 5 telegram airdrops that will end soon. Discover the thrill of Telegram airdrops: Dive into the exciting world of Telegram tap-to-earn games with our comprehensive guide to the top 5 airdrops coming soon.

From the simple yet addictive TapSwap to the strategic depths of MemeFi, these games offer more than just entertainment – they promise the chance to earn cryptocurrency rewards. Whether you’re a casual player or a strategic thinker, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic crypto gaming space. Don’t miss out on these opportunities; join the frenzy and potentially reap the benefits of the digital currency revolution.

Top 5 Telegram Airdrops

Here are the top 5 Telegram airdrops ending soon:

  • TapSwap: A “tap-to-earn” game with over 50 million users, rewarding TAPS coins for clicks. It has a massive Telegram channel with over 23.2 million subscribers.
  • Hamster Kombat: A game with 150 million players that combines casual tapping with strategic elements4. Players run a crypto exchange as a hamster CEO, with an upcoming token airdrop.
  • PixelTap by Pixelverse: An anticipated robot fighting game offering financial incentives for regular play, with a significant in-game currency boost for the “Daily Combo” feature.
  • Blum: A crypto project with a Telegram mini-app for token farming and community building, offering bonus points for daily tasks and social media engagement.
  • MemeFi: A game with a unique “keys” system that allows players to earn from others’ activity, adding strategy and social interaction to the tap-to-earn experience.

These airdrops provide opportunities to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay and community participation.


TapSwap has amassed over 50 million users since its launch in February 2024. This Telegram-based game uses a simple “tap-to-earn” mechanic, rewarding players with TAPS coins for their clicks. Its immense popularity is reflected in its massive Telegram channel, which boasts the second-largest subscriber base in the crypto-gaming space with over 23.2 million users.

TapSwap Airdrop

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat has emerged as the new champion of Telegram crypto games. With a staggering 150 million players, according to the developers, the game offers a unique blend of casual tapping and light strategic elements.

Hamster Kombat

Players take on the role of a hamster CEO, running their crypto exchange and striving for dominance. The real motivation behind all this tapping frenzy? An upcoming token airdrop dangling the promise of financial rewards for dedicated players. The excitement has even spread to major crypto exchanges like, Bitget, and KuCoin, which have announced plans to support pre-market trading of the Hamster Kombat token (HMSTR).

PixelTap by Pixelverse

Pixelverse, an up-and-coming entertainment studio in the Web3 space, is gearing up for the launch of their robot fighting game, PixelTap. This highly anticipated game is generating significant buzz ahead of the release of the PIXFI token, which is expected to be airdropped to players similar to Notcoin’s NOT token.

PixelTap by Pixelverse

PixelTap offers a rewarding gaming experience where regular play is not only encouraged but financially incentivized. The game’s “Daily Combo” feature promises a significant boost in in-game currency, further increasing the rewards for dedicated players.


Blum crypto project is making waves with its innovative approach to user acquisition and community building. Blum’s Telegram mini-app, powered by the BlumCryptoBot, serves as a one-stop shop for new users. Here, players can sign up for a Blum account and embark on their crypto-earning journey by “farming” tokens through the “farm” button.

image 8

Regularity is key, as players are encouraged to check in every 8 hours to claim their points. Blum fosters a social element by incentivizing referrals through shareable links, while also offering bonus points for completing daily tasks or social media engagement.

This focus on community building extends to the highly anticipated Blum Airdrop. More than just a token giveaway, the airdrop is envisioned as a celebration of Blum’s burgeoning community and a chance to be part of the project’s future.


Taking the world of Telegram tap-to-earn games by storm, MemeFi goes beyond the simple clicker mechanic. This Web3 Social Tech game introduces a unique twist: “keys.”


These keys function like access tokens, granting holders a share of the rewards generated by specific players. This system injects a layer of strategy and social interaction into the gameplay. Owning a key allows users to tap into the yield produced by another player’s activity, essentially increasing their own returns.

This player-to-player economic layer adds a whole new dimension to the game, making MemeFi more than just a mindless tapping exercise. MemeFi’s blend of social mechanics and strategic depth suggests an ambitious project with the potential to redefine the Telegram tap-to-earn experience.

Unlocking Crypto Opportunities

Get the exciting opportunities within Telegram Airdrops. Don’t miss out on the big opportunity! This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to explore the top contenders in the Telegram tap-to-earn space.

As we wrap up our exploration of Telegram airdrops, remember that these opportunities are more than just coins. They’re gateways to crypto communities, innovative projects, and exciting gameplay. Whether you’re tapping for rewards, strategizing with hamster CEOs, or immersing yourself in meme-inspired worlds, each airdrop holds its own allure.

Stay informed, engage with these projects, and who knows you might just discover the next gem in the crypto universe! Feel free to share your thoughts or explore more airdrops. Happy crypto hunting!

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