Ramadan 2024: Sehri, Iftar timings

The holy month of Ramadan is expected to begin on March 12, subject to the sighting of the moon, according to the Islamic Foundation. Let’s find out Ramadan 2024: Sehri, Iftar times in Bangladesh.

Sehri and Iftar Schedule: Ramadan 2024

The Islamic Foundation has announced the schedule for Sehri and Iftar in Dhaka, considering March 12 as the beginning of Ramadan.

According to the schedule, on March 12, the last time of Sehri in Dhaka on the first day of Ramadan is 4:51am and Iftar time is at 6:10pm.

 Ramadan  Month       Day Sehri (AM)  Fajr (AM)  Iftar (PM)
1 Ramadan12 MarchTuesday 4.514.576.10
2 Ramadan13 MarchWednesday4.504.566.10
3 Ramadan14 MarchThursday4.494.556.11
4 Ramadan15 MarchFriday4.484.546.11
5 Ramadan16 MarchSaturday4.474.536.12
6 Ramadan17 MarchSunday4.464.526.12
7 Ramadan18 MarchMonday4.454.516.12
8 Ramadan19 MarchTuesday4.444.506.13
9 Ramadan20 MarchWednesday4.434.496.13
 10 Ramadan21 MarchThursday4.424.486.13
 11 Ramadan22 MarchFriday4.414.476.14
 12 Ramadan23 MarchSaturday4.404.466.14
 13 Ramadan24 MarchSunday4.394.456.14
 14 Ramadan25 MarchMonday4.384.446.15
 15 Ramadan26 MarchTuesday4.364.426.15
 16 Ramadan27 MarchWednesday4.354.416.16
 17 Ramadan28 MarchThursday4.344.406.16
 18 Ramadan29 MarchFriday4.334.396.17
 19 Ramadan30 MarchSaturday4.314.376.17
 20 Ramadan31 MarchSunday4.304.366.18
 21 Ramadan1 AprilMonday4.294.356.18
 22 Ramadan2 AprilTuesday4.284.346.19
 23 Ramadan3 AprilWednesday4.274.336.19
 24 Ramadan4 AprilThursday4.264.326.19
 25 Ramadan5 AprilFriday4.244.306.20
 26 Ramadan6 AprilSaturday4.244.306.20
 27 Ramadan7 AprilSunday4.234.296.21
 28 Ramadan8 AprilMonday4.224.286.21
 29 Ramadan9 AprilTuesday4.214.276.21
 30 Ramadan10 AprilWednesday4.204.266.22
Ramadan 2024: Sehri, Iftar timings in Bangladesh

The schedule of Sehri and Iftar in other divisions and districts of the country will be announced by the division and district offices of the Islamic Foundation.

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