Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code Today

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code. This unique feature allows players to earn an additional 1 million coins by cracking a secret Morse code each day. Here’s how it works:

Besides the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Card, there’s now another way to get 1 million free coins every day with the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code. Here’s how it works and where to find the latest code.

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher

If you’ve recently started playing Hamster Kombat on Telegram and stumbled upon an exciting new feature, I think you’ll find it interesting: the Daily Cipher.

This feature allows you to earn one million free coins every day, and it’s a great way to boost your in-game currency before the token launch on The Open Network (TON) and the upcoming airdrop.

What is the Daily Cipher?

The Daily Cipher allows players to earn 1 million free tokens daily on the Hamster Kombat bot. The game’s official Telegram channel teased the feature, and a string of Morse code was displayed on the Telegram mini-app’s loading screen.

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher Code

  1. Access the Daily Cipher:
    • On the main screen of Hamster Kombat, tap the “Earn per tap” box three times.
    • The background of your hamster icon will turn red, and a “Daily Cipher” box will appear below your earnings meter.
  2. Decode the Morse Code:
    • The Daily Cipher presents a sequence of Morse code symbols.
    • Use a Morse code chart or an online decoder to translate the symbols into letters or words.
    • The decoded message reveals a secret combination.
  3. Claim Your Reward:
    • Once you’ve cracked the code, follow the instructions provided.
    • You’ll receive additional coins based on the revealed combination.
  4. Stay Alert:
    • The Daily Cipher changes daily, so be sure to check it regularly.
    • Sharpen your Morse code skills and maximize your earnings!

How to Enter the Daily Cipher Code?

To enter the daily cipher code and earn your free coins, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Earn per tap” box three times on the main screen.
  • This will change the background of your hamster icon to red.
  • A “Daily Cipher” box will appear below your earnings meter.

2. Enter the Morse code for the daily term:

  • The first term (June 5) was “BTC” (Bitcoin). Here’s how to input it:
  • B: -… (Long hold and then three quick taps)
  • T: – (long hold)
  • C: -.-. (Long hold, tap, long hold, tap)

How to Start Daily Cipher?

Step 1:

It’s simple, you have to click THREE times on the “Earn per tap” indicator; it’s located on the main page of the application, where your current indicators are displayed.

image 1

Step 2:

After this, the “hamster” turns red ⭕ and opens the “Daily Cipher” interface. This section displays the reward for completion (as of it is 1 million). By clicking on the hamster in various ways (long or fast), you use Morse code, which displays letters on the screen.

image 2

Remember: that this mode does not mine any coins for your account and that all energy is spent on achieving the daily reward.

Step 3:

Let’s look at the example of the task for June 5th, the first cipher text was letter B. To make it appear (letter B) on your screen, you need to make (-…) one long press and three more short presses.

image 3

After that, you will have the letter B. You will need to do the same with the rest of the coded letters in the task.

Step 4:

Once you have solved the code and entered all the letters correctly, you will see a congratulations window where you will be offered to collect your reward. The reward will be 1 million coins.

image 4

Most likely, the rewards for the task will be repeated as rewards in the “Daily Combo” section. We assume that the developers will encrypt new words.

Hamster Daily Cipher Code

Hamster Daily Cipher June 10

  • A: .-
  • I: ..
  • R: .-.
  • D: -..
  • R: .-.
  • O: —
  • P: .–.

Hamster Daily Cipher June 9

  • W = .–
  • E = .
  • B = -…
  • 3 = …–

Hamster Daily Cipher June 8

  • W = .–
  • A = .-
  • L = .-..
  • L = .-..
  • E = .
  • T = –

June 07 Daily Cipher

  • T: – (dashes) (Long hold)
  • O: — (three dashes) (Long hold, and then two quick long hold)
  • N: -. (dash, dot) (Long hold and then quick taps)

June 06 Daily Cipher

  • E = .
  • T = –
  • H = ….
  • E = .
  • R = .-.
  • E = .
  • U = ..-
  • M = —

June 05 Daily Cipher

  • B = – . . .
  • T= –
  • C= – . – .

How to Write Morse Code?

Morse code is a system of representing letters, numbers, and punctuation using short and long signals (dots and dashes). Here’s how you can write “HELLO” in Morse code:

  • H: …. (four dots)
  • E: . (one dot)
  • L: .-.. (dot, dash, dot, dot)
  • L: .-.. (dot, dash, dot, dot)
  • O: — (three dashes)

So, “HELLO” in Morse code is “… . .-… .-… —”. Feel free to try it out!

Morse code
International Morse Code

Hope you’ll complete all the rewards. Remember, the Daily Cipher adds an exciting twist to Hamster Kombat, allowing players to earn even more coins. Happy decoding! 🐹💰🔍

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