How do I check the e-Passport Application Status in Bangladesh?

Have you applied for a new passport or passport renewal? Check your passport status to see if it is ready for issue. You can track where your passport is and how long it may take to be delivered.

There are different passport status, and each of them has a different meaning. See the Passport Status Meaning in detail.

Required Information to check e-passport

To check your e-passport status online, you need the Online Registration ID (OID) or Application ID and your date of birth.

Passport Check

How to Check E-Passport Online

To check E-Passport status, visit the link E-Passport Application Status. Then write your online registration ID or Application ID and date of birth. Click on the checkbox “I am human” and complete the captcha. Finally, click the “Check” button to check your passport status.

Steps to Check an E-Passport Application Status:

Check your E-passport from here:

Bangladesh e‑Passport Online Portal

How to Check e-Passport Application Status Online in Bangladesh?

An e-passport in Bangladesh is a digital passport that stores your information, photo, signature, and fingerprint on a chip. This type of passport is more secure, faster, and more convenient.

Those who have applied for an e-passport can check the status of their application online.

How to Check e-Passport Application Status Online in Bangladesh?

How to Check e-Passport Application Status in Bangladesh?

E-Passport Enquiry Status Meaning

E-Passport Enquiry Status Meaning is a term used to describe the status of an e-passport application. It is used to check the status of your application by entering either your application ID or your online registration ID from your online application. You can check the status of your application by visiting the E-Passport Online Registration Portal.

SerialPassport StatusesStatus Meaning
1Payment Verification Result- Name MismatchAny discrepancy or inconsistency was found in the spelling of the name of money deposited through Payment Challan.
2Your Application is pending on payment investigation (Amount mismatch or Reference number mismatch)The amount of money deposited in your challan or the amount of money on the copy of the challan and the amount of the passport application fee have been averaged.
3Pending for Police ApprovalYour application is awaiting receipt of police verification and report.
4Pending of Assistant Director/ Deputy Director ApprovalThe passport application will be checked by an officer of the rank of Assistant Director/Deputy Director.
5Pending for Backend VerificationPending for Backend Verification means the information provided by you in the passport application is being checked at the central level.
6Pending for Passport PersonalizationIn this step, Laser Engraving, HD DOD Color Inject Printing, Security Lamination, Inline Quality Control (Optical and Electronic), and RFID Encoding are completed.
7In Printer QueueYour passport is waiting at the printing branch for printing.
8Printing SucceededThe passport has been printed successfully. It is then sent to the Quality Control branch for monitoring.
9QC Succeed, Ready for DispatchAfter checking the passport for any errors at the Quality Control branch, if everything is fine, your applied passport is prepared for sending to the office.
10Passport is Ready, Pending for IssuanceIt may take 4/5 days for the passport to arrive at the applied passport office from Dhaka. After it reaches the passport office it is ready for delivery.

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